Logan Franks / CEO of Kingly Wheels

Kingly Wheels was developed with three things in mind: Performance, durability, and serviceability.  Our CEO, Logan Franks, started off as a professional triathlete.  After his professional carrier in triathlon, Logan shifted his focus to repairing bikes and wheel building.  

During his career as a bike mechanic and wheel builder, he realized there was a demand for a wheel manufacturer who could make the highest quality wheel, with the best components, at an affordable price. Most of the major wheel manufacturers water down products: whether it's hubs, bearing, spokes, or rims; to increase profits margins.  We're going to do things very differently.

When you visit our online store, you will realize that the only options for wheels are rim depth and color options.  We did our research.  We found the best materials for each product.  Offering any other options would be a downgrade, and that's not how Kingly operates.

Every wheel you buy will come with:

  • A Tubless Ready Set-up: A tubeless set-up helps reduce the risk of a flat, makes for a lighter wheel, and increases ride comfort.
  • White Industry Hubs: No one makes a better hub and they're made in the USA.
  • CX Ray Bladed Spokes: To increase spoke tension for a stiffer and more aero wheel.
  • Locking Nipples: To make sure your wheel never goes out of true.
  • 5 year warranty: This covers all normal wear and tear, specified in our warranty section.
  • A Lifetime Crash Protection Plan: If you crash your wheels we'll replace them for 50% off MSRP. Read more on our warranty page.